"I have seen too many people hire less than qualified, self proclaimed professionals with no creditability and then try and find someone who can repair the damage already done" HGTV Personality


Why Choose NYAVD?

The short answer: We specialize, so we're great at what we do.
New York Audio Video Design was organized to offer customers the best audio video experience that can be provided. We stake our reputation on the high quality and cost-effectiveness of the work we do. Our customer's systems are larger-than-life billboards that testify to our success in designing and installing the highest quality systems.
An AV system is only as good as the ability of the technicians performing the work. Enjoy a peace of mind and know that you are getting superior work performed by an experienced professional at an affordable price.


Word of Mouth Referrals

We have built our business from the ground up solely based on customer referrals. We feel that the customer is our best form of advertisements. NYAVD is a lifelong company that will help you grow your system as technology changes. All of our existing customers have piece of mind knowing that we will always be there to assist them with any issues or changes they may have in the future.

. Please, give us a call and let us earn your business.